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The Best Vegetarian Dishes I Know (Classics to Go)

The Best Vegetarian Dishes I Know (Classics to Go)
Date: April 6th, 2023
Сategory: Cooking, Diets
ISBN: 9783988262707
Language: English
Number of pages: 192 pages
Format: EPUB
Excerpt: “It will be seen that fish has been excluded from this little volume, because it does not come within the range of legitimate vegetarian fare; although many who “bid adieu to carnal dishes, to solid meats, and highly-spiced ragouts,” give it a prominent place in the daily menu. I trust those who put the recipes given herein to the test will find they merit the somewhat ambitious title under which they appear. My aim is to suggest dainty and nourishing dishes to vegetarians, which are not extravagant, and which can be easily carried out by the average “good plain” cook. One thing I would ask in this connection is, that the recipe be read through and the intention grasped before operations are begun. It is an interesting fact that the same recipe may give an absolutely different result when followed by two persons, thus proving that in one case or the other—and possibly in both—their methods are at variance with those laid down by the author. It[Pg 6] must be borne in mind that fats of various kinds, such as butter—made both from cream and nuts—cream, oil, and cheese, should necessarily take a prominent place in vegetarian fare, and also such complete forms of food as milk and eggs, in order to give it its proper dietetic value. It is frequently asserted that a vegetarian diet is more costly than a meat diet, but those who adopt it will find that the extra cost of butter, milk, and eggs in a month will compare favourably with the butcher’s bill for the same period."

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